Methods in GDR

(c) Petri Lankoski

I intend to write materials for methods in game design research (GDR) in this section of my blog. The structure is likely to change while I work through the material.

The focus is how to study game systems and its relations to players behavior and experience using various methods. If you are looking for methods about for studying play and players, you should check Lankoski and Björk, Game research methods: An overview.

These are most complete drafts

  1. Quantitative approaches
  2. Observations
  3. Qualitative approaches to study games
  4. Qualitative data analysis methods

These are just notes about what to cover

  1. Interviews and qualitative questionnaires
  2. Development-based research

Topics that should be covered

  1. Advanced quantitative methods and examples
  2. Simulations of game systems and statistical logic
  3. Data visualisation
  4. Other (Psychophysiology, Platform studies)