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Animation tutorial for Unity

My students did last spring a tutorial how to importing and playing animation using Mecanim in Unity.

Kudos to Oscar Romin and Andreas Jansson.

Download the tutorial


Game Research Methods, eds., Lankoski and Björk, forthcoming

Direct link to Slide Share presentation:


Analysis for design

A lecture about who to analyse (board) games using statistics, probability theory and simulations.

Link to the slides if Slide Share plugin does not work:

Scripts used to analyse games and visualise data:


Beyond Skin: 2014 in blogging



Yet Another DiGRA FAQ

1. What is DiGRA

2. What DiGRA does

  • The main operations of DiGRA are its conferences and its journal. DiGRA does not conduct research.

3. How DiGRA is funded

  • DiGRA is funded mainly by membership fees.

4. DiGRA should get rid of feminist board members or have more diverse board

DiGRA operates under Finnish law.

  • This means that DiGRA cannot discriminate its members based on their gender, religion, political beliefs, etc.
  • The board members are elected in a general assembly.

5. DiGRA thinks X 

  • Only general assembly or the board can make decisions for DiGRA or express opinions of DiGRA. A board member can talk behalf of DiGRA in specific cases, but in general DiGRA members (including the members of the board) are expressing their own opinions. (Decisions in DiGRA are made by general assembly. General assembly delegates power to make decisions to the board. General assembly set frames for operation by deciding budget and an action plan.)
  • Publications in DiGRA digital library or Transactions of the Digital Games Research Association (ToDIGRA) does not necessarily reflect DiGRA’s view on the topic.
  • Blog posts of the members are expressing members opinions.
  • Things published by SAGE, Springer, etc. are not DiGRA’s.

Some relevant laws:


On gamers are dead news articles

It seems that I ended up writing something bit lengthier than a tweet of facebook update about this.

Jenni Goodchild posted an analysis of gamers are death news articles by @firehawk32 at ( The most of these are posted at Aug 28, 2014.

Sargon of Akkad in his Youtube video claims that these articles can be tranced back to DiGRA and feministic conspiracy (

Sargon of Akkad neglects a fact that Anita Sarkeesian tweeted about death threat toward herself at Aug 27, 2014 (

So the timeline can be written as follows:

  1. KD threats Anita Sarkeesian
  2. Sarkeesian shares this threat at Aug 27
  3. News articles about gamers are published at Aug 28

Which alternative is more plausible?

EDIT, Nov 2, 2014: Dan Golding in The End of Gamers to refer  to Do you identify as a gamer? Gender, race, sexuality, and gamer identity by Adrienne Shaw With a quick look, it seems that claimed DiGRA connection is based associations. I appreciate if someone can point me direct link from those journalistic articles to DiGRA.


CFP: DiGRA 2015

Diversity of play: Games – Cultures – Identities
14-17 May 2015, Lüneburg, Germany

Video game culture has had a self-image of being a distinct cultural form united by participants identifying themselves as ‘gamers’ for many years. Variations in this identity have been perceived either in relation to preferred platform or level of commitment and skill (newbie, casual, core, pro, etc.). Today the popularity of games has increased dramatically, games have become more specialized and gaming is taking place in a number of divergent practices, from e-sport to gamification. In addition, the gamer position includes a number of roles and identities such as: players, learners, time-fillers, users, fans, roleplayers, theory crafters, speed runners, etc. Furthermore, techniques like gamification and game-based learning, as well as the playful use of computer simulation for training purposes, is making it difficult to distinguish games from non-games.

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