Lies and Seductions Source Code

Edit Nov 13, 2010: Unity project is now updated to 3.0. The source code is old 2.1 version without newer bug fixes included into the project and to the current version of the Lies and Seductions game. License details can be found in the Licenses folder. The source is mostly available under Apache 2.o license and assets under Creative CommonsAttribution-Noncommercial 1.0 Finland, but check for exceptions.

The current version of Lies and Seductions source code is now available and it is mainly released with Apache License, Version 2.0; refer to source files for details. The code is in a large extend uncommented and we are still working to fix bugs.

I’ll post an unity project file when I manage to create one. Now export, for some reason, dies with an error.

Edit: The source code download link is on the bottom of /games/lies-and-seductions.

Edit: Unity projectavailable (~240M), at least for some time.


The source includes:

  • NPC AI code including Texas Hold’em Poker AI.
  • Dialogue AI and XML based dialogue definition handling.
  • Navmesh based pathfinding and editor class for creating navmeshes (pathdinding is based on Pedro Teixeira code,

11 thoughts on “Lies and Seductions Source Code

  1. The videos and screen shots look great. Unfortunately the unity project file zip seems to be corrupt for me. Ive tried extracting with winrar and 7zip. Im now downloading it again to see if it was on my end. Even still, Thank you for sharing your hard work with everyone!

  2. Very generous of you to share the source code to what you put so much work into. I played a part of this game a bit ago and it’s very well done.

    • Thanks for sharing!
      i really very want to learn unity..
      could you seand me the porject unity package…
      i can not open your project correctly in win7 OS…
      Thanks, hope you reply…

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